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Elevate_Med - HUEHUE_ThermalLabel.png

Medium Roast - Guatemala


Citrus, Caramel,

Mild Nutty, Cherry

$15.75 - $21.00


Dark Roast - Guatemala

Dark Chocolate, Bold,

Low Acidity, Smooth

$15.75 - $21.00


Casa Grande

Espresso Blend

Creamy, Chocolate,

Red Fruit, Smooth

(Formerly known as "EsperoEso")

$15.75 - $21.00


El Capitan Blend -

Guatemala + Ethiopia

Dark Fruit, Floral,

Orange Citrus, Brown Sugar

$15.75 - $21.00


The Dawn Wall

Breakfast Blend

Bright, Juicy,

Fruit & Berry

$15.75 - $21.00


El Fuego // Le Feu

French Roast

Fire, Smokey, Bold,

Full Body, Low Acidity

$15.75 - $21.00

Elevate_Decaf-HUILA_ThermalLabel (1).png

Decaf - Colombia


Milk Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Sweet

-Sugar Cane Process

- No Chemicals

$15.75 - $21.00

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